Autodesk & Esri

Make Anything, Anywhere with The Science of Where

Connected workflows

GIS is a powerful platform to leverage various geographic data about everything sourced from City Information Modeling (CIM) and Landscape Information Modeling (LIM). CIM and LIM provide the context of the city whereas BIM provides construction information of building.

Autodesk & Esri is partnering to build a bridge between Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS). The strategic partnership is laying the groundwork for new technologies that will allow cities to gather insight based on real-world modeling and virtual environments. By enabling BIM and GIS to work seamlessly together, users will gain unprecedented reductions in permitting time through improved stakeholder engagement, improved sustainability and resilient design through enhanced project insight, and reduced risk via improved end-to-end flow of materials, resources availability and scheduling during construction.

The promise of more tightly integrating BIM and GIS will empower AEC firms and project owners to focus not only on what to design and build, but also better understand where and why, helping them to deliver more sustainable and resilient infrastructure through more economic, social, and environmentally responsible planning and design practices.

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