Hong Kong and Macao Customers Won SAG Awards

At the 2016 Esri User Conference, Esri President Jack Dangermond presided over the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award ceremony to recognise organizations that have used GIS to improve the world and set new precedents throughout the GIS community. From thousands of organizations worldwide, Mr Dangermond personally reviewed and selected the winners.

This year, we have three customers from Hong Kong and Macao on the winner list, they are Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) and The Macao Water Supply Company Limited.

Well done! Mr. Jack Dangermond (centre) with the winning team from Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited at the SAG Award ceremony.

The network management system of HKBN is integrated with GIS.

Hong Kong Broadband has been facing the challenge of maintaining a steady and well-performed optical network amid explosive upsurge of voice, video and data transmission, similar to experience of its counterparts worldwide. Yet, traditional optical fibre testing systems are incapable of providing sufficient and accurate data to meet network troubleshooting requirement. After applying GIS in the network management system, operators of Hong Kong Broadband Network can now greatly shorten the time spent, from long hours in the past to merely a couple of minutes in identifying of exact locations of fault or fibre degradation with embedded maps, and ultimately reducing the mean time to repair.

Mr. Jack Dangermond (left 3) congratulated the winning team from Hong Kong Housing Authority for their hard work.

The Enterprise Tree Management System of HKHA based on GIS.

HKHA is responsible for the management and maintenance of approximately 102,000 trees scattered in about 200 public housing estates. To ensure public safety, risk assessment on all trees is conducted annually before onset of the wet season. Through the project, the management of tree data was transformed from paper-based to a new digital platform called the Enterprise Tree Management System which enables its staff and business partners to gain access to GIS tree database to retrieve tree records, as well as to update and complete tree assessment reports on site. The system also improves the efficiency of recording and checking of the data of both existing and new trees, while at the same time enhances the monitoring of the performance of the respective contractors through electronic workflows and management reports.

To cope with Macao’s rapid development, the Macao Water Supply Company Ltd. has integrated all the water supply related information from its over 600 km of water network and 390,000 cubic meters daily production capacity into an information technology system based on Esri’s GIS technologies. ArcGIS platform allows seamless sharing of geographic data across different operation teams. By accessing accurate and updated GIS data, the system has improved the efficiency of incident handling and record keeping, and the comprehensive data collected provides basis for further advance analysis. Overall speaking, it has contributed to maintaining the stability and efficiency of Water Supply Network in the city.

All these applications echo with the theme of the 2016 Esri UC that GIS is actually enabling a smarter world!

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