100+ Schools Have Joined the Free Map in Learning Program

Over 100 or almost 10% of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong have enrolled in the Map in Learning (MiL) Program since its launch mid last year. Hong Kong is the first city in Asia to implement the initiative through which we hope to improve students’ skills in problem solving, data analysis, technology integration and innovation.

Group photo of participants of the MiL Program Launching Ceremony cum Teacher Workshop.

The Program was officially inaugurated on 18 June 2016. More than 70 principals and teachers attended The Map in Learning Program Launching Ceremony cum Teacher Workshop held in Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Mrs. Marion Lai, JP, Permanent Secretary for Education, was the officiating guest of the ceremony.

Under the Program, sponsored students can use GIS software and related professional map analysis tools originally developed for government, public and private enterprises. Even better, they can use the cloud GIS (ArcGIS Online) on their smartphones, tablets and desktops anywhere for the purpose.

Teachers from the Pilot Schools were sharing skills and applications of ArcGIS Online in extra-curriculum activities.

During the sharing session of the ceremony, the Pilot Schools’ teachers, Mr. Chi-shing Yip from Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary School and Ms. Ngai-ting Wan from Tak Sun School shared skills and benefits on using ArcGIS Online and their applications in extra-curriculum activities.

With the support of passionate and professional teachers and students of Wah Yan College, Kowloon, the Supporting School of the event, field trip and 4 workshops covering topics like tsunami and heat island effect were organized.

Teachers were attending one of the 4 workshops.

The MiL Program echoes with the Education Bureau’s “Life-wide Learning” paradigm, which promotes student learning in real-life and authentic contexts. It provides students with a timely GIS analytical platform and relevant knowledge, trains students to take full advantage of geographic information and enriches their learning experience. So far, over 10 workshops and events targeting teachers and students were organized.

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