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Esri Press publishes books about the science, application, and technology of geographic information systems (GIS) in every aspect including education, business, government, health care and global community.

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The Business Benefits of GIS: An ROI Approach
ISBN: 9781589482005Pages: 256Year: 2008Price: HK$400

The Business Benefits of GIS: An ROI ApproachThe Business Benefits of GIS: An ROI Approach presents a fact-based, benefits-focused methodology aimed at ensuring the sustainability of GIS initiatives by effectively demonstrating the success of the investment. Unlike other return on investment (ROI) books, the methodology addressed in The Business Benefits of GIS is based on an established framework, and was adapted by ESRI, in collaboration with PA Consulting Group, to combine the GIS expertise of ESRI with the professional management experience of PA Consulting Group, Inc. The result is a step-by-step framework with supplemental case studies, interactive digital tools, and templates that allow the reader to apply the book's methodology to GIS initiatives, and achieve consensus among stakeholders.

Visit the ROI methodology Web site to learn more.

About the editors:

David Maguire holds bachelor of science degrees in biology and geography from the University of Exeter, and received his doctorate from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Maguire has extensive experience implementing GIS solutions around the world, and has authored more than 100 publications on GIS.

Victoria Kouyoumjian started with ESRI in 1995 and, after managing the development and production of the ESRI MapObjects software product lines, now works as the IT strategy architect in the Technical Marketing Division of ESRI, focusing on emerging technologies and trends.

Ross Smith is a member of PA Consulting Group, Inc. and is based in Denver, Colorado, where he leads PA's IT consulting team. Smith is recognized as an industry leader in geospatial strategy development and return-on-investment models. He is the author of numerous articles on strategic planning, return-on-investment modeling, and organizational design.

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