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Esri Press publishes books about the science, application, and technology of geographic information systems (GIS) in every aspect including education, business, government, health care and global community.

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GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy Making
ISBN: 9781589482319Pages: 204Year: 2009Price: HK$400

GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy MakingElected officials and department heads are increasingly relying on geographic information system (GIS) technology to make efficient and accurate decisions when and where it counts. GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy Making presents twenty-seven case studies and eight exercises that demonstrate the positive impact of incorporating GIS methodology in daily operations of the public sector. Discover how GIS has improved the communication, collaboration, and decision making in the organizations featured in this book. A return on investment (ROI) matrix is also included as a resource to evaluate cost and time savings due to the increased productivity that a GIS allows.

About the editors:

Christopher Thomas is the Government Industry Manager for ESRI. He has seventeen years of experience working in and with government to incorporate technology into the daily workload. Christopher is a regular speaker on the implementations of GIS technology in federal, state, and local government. He has also authored several books including Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS, Mapping for Congress, Standards for Success, GIS in State Government, and Tribal GIS.

Nancy Humenik-Sappington is a writer for ESRI. She has more than fifteen years of experience working in the fields of land planning, landscape architecture, and city government. An award-winning writer, Nancy has authored numerous articles and books about the benefits of GIS technology.

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