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Esri Press publishes books about the science, application, and technology of geographic information systems (GIS) in every aspect including education, business, government, health care and global community.

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GIS for Homeland Security
ISBN: 9781589481558Pages: 150Year: 2007Price: HK$400

GIS for Homeland SecurityGIS for Homeland Security provides general overviews on how GIS is used for gathering and analyzing intelligence; protecting critical infrastructure; responding to complex emergencies; preparing for disease outbreaks and bioterrorism; securing complex events; and simulating disasters. Each chapter spotlights the visionaries who have applied spatial technology in the field to develop model solutions to real threats. A final chapter looks ahead at the growing role of GIS in homeland security. GIS for Homeland Security is a resource for experienced GIS users and decision makers, as well as for those new to spatial technology.

About the editors:

Mike Kataoka is an ESRI Press editor who has managed several projects, including books addressing GIS applications in local government, urban planning, and environmental management.

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