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Botanical Serigraphs: The Gene Bauer Collection
ISBN: 9781589482531Pages: 264Year: 2010Price: HK$520

Botanical Serigraphs: The Gene Bauer CollectionAll together for the first time, the hand-printed serigraphs of artist Gene Bauer are reproduced here in Botanical Serigraphs: The Gene Bauer Collection, along with her original notes. Over several years in the 1970s, on behalf of California Garden Clubs, Inc., Gene Bauer explored fifty-six arboreta and public gardens throughout the state of California, taking living plant material as the subject for artwork intended to educate and inspire. These serigraphs-delicate silk screen prints-were initially created for limited-edition booklets celebrating plant life in the Golden State, both native and introduced. From each drawing, she created a serigraph for the cover and illustrations of a booklet she handcrafted, bound with yarn, and sent to garden club officials each month.

Her work harkens back to the golden age of botanical art, wherein artists not only drew from life, but also explored the science of plants in the field. A state larger than some countries, California provided the artist with an unending variety of flora from every region: mountain, desert, coastal, bay, and valley.

About the editors:

Gene Bauer is a master of the art of observation, and her creativity is rooted therein. Botanical Serigraphs: The Gene Bauer Collection is a book intended to evoke the sensory experience of the original booklets as if you were holding one in your hand.

While earning her degree in art education at the University of California, Los Angeles, Gene Bauer first learned serigraphy, one of the oldest forms of printmaking, in order to create posters and other teaching materials. In the 1970s, her love of plants motivated her to handcraft and issue sixty-two unique booklets of serigraphs and writing reflecting on her observations of California's many public gardens. Bauer served as native flora chairman (1972-1974) and arboreta and botanical gardens chairman (1976-1978) of the California Garden Clubs, Inc. She lives in the San Bernardino Mountains where she spends time planting her well-known daffodil drifts and reforesting the areas burned near her home in the 1997 wildfire.

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