Internet Technical Support System

Internet Technical Support System (iTSS) is a service provided to Esri end users in Hong Kong and Macao who have subscribed our annual maintenance program for them to enjoy our technical support anywhere. By rendering technical questions via iTSS, you will get an incident number for searching and further inquiry of your submitted questions, the dialogs between you and our technical staff will be also recorded for your future reference.

Request Support?
Click here to submit your questions with your general information.

Search Incident?
Click here to search and further inquire your question with incident number.

Preparing for Support

When requesting for our technical support services, please be prepared to furnish us with the following information, so that we can help you faster and better:

  • Make sure you have subscribed our annual maintenance program, for details, please contact us at +852 2730-6883 or email to
  • Your Esri GIS software and its version
  • Hardware platform you are using
  • Operating system and its version you are using
  • System architecture, if any, you are using
  • The exact wording of any message appeared on your computer screen
  • What happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred
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